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Momentum Market Timer vs Stock Market 2020 As of this writing, the rise in the stock market from the lows of March 2020 has been nothing short but astounding. Earlier this year, COVID-19 induced a market crash (March 9 - Black Monday) which... next...
Beating the Stock Market in 2019 -Wednesday, 06 May 2020
Can you beat the Stock Market? Hypothetical scenario: Imagine, if you had $10,000K to invest in the stock market and you had one year to do it. Could you beat the Stock market? Well, if you were trading in 2019 with our Momentum Market... next...
Momentum Market Timer -Sunday, 19 April 2020
Momentum Market Timer (MMT) The Momentum Market Timer (MMT) is a trend-following system that is designed to take advantage of the cyclical nature of the market. Regardless of whichever market that you are following, they all go through the... next...