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Fundamental Strategies

BullGap offers fundamental strategies that use fundamental analysis that help you research companies and their stock value.  With our proprietary financial modelling, we provide you with a wide range of in-depth financial coverage. A company's evaluation, intrinsic value, discounted cash flow, revenue growth, financial ratio and much much more!

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    Is BullGap's financial strategies right for you?

  • Are you trading on intuition and losing money?
  • Do you want to improve your portfolio performance by using a set of powerful fundamental analysis?
  • You have little to no time to research and acquire a company's financial evaluation.
  • Receive bug and\or sell signals on a fundamental analysis.

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Blueprint Six

In-depth fundamental analysis of any tradeable company in the stock market.  Save time and start investing now with BluePrint Six.

It takes a lot of commitment, time, and energy to follow any one company to understand the fundamental financial level for that business.  Sales, earnings, growth potential, assets, debt, management, products, and competition.  For any investors who would like to do a deep dive into a company's holdings and future potential, one would need the right tools to analyze and create estimated value for the asset.

With BluePrint Six, BullGap has compiled for each company the raw data necessary to create financial models to determine the intrinsic value for that company.

€28.49 monthly