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Machine Learning

BullGap is building market analysis tools that leverage large amounts of market and financial data that is then used to build forecasting and pattern recognition models for the stock market.  Our data is a collection of raw market data that is aggregated into data pipelines that feed our neural network and machine learning algorithms.

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    What can BullGap's machine learning technology do for you?

  • See stock index forecasting for the next first day to the next 30 days.
  • Automatic identification of bullish and bearish candlestick on any time frame.
  • Automatic pattern recognition of various chart patterns such as Head and Shoulder, Inverse Head and Shoulder, etc.
  • Automatic Elliot wave pattern recognition for Impulse, ZigZag, and many more.

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Using Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning, RallyPoint provides a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for identifying market trends and patterns for the stock market.


RallyPoint is a machine learning and deep learning platform that gathers enormous amounts of market and financial data, organize\aggregates those data and uses algorithms to train and test the data to determine the outcome result.

€28.49 monthly