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Trading Strategies

BullGap offers trading strategies that use technical analysis with applied mathematics, pattern recognition, and machine learning in its quantitative models to help you make money when the stock market trend is up AND to protect and grow your investment even during a downtrend.

    Is BullGap's trading strategies right for you?

  • Are you trading on intuition and losing money?
  • Do you want to increase your portfolio by using a set of powerful trading strategies?
  • You have little to no time to research and build a highly tested and successful trading algorithm?
  • Receive timely signals as to when to buy and sell a stock or ETF?

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End-Of-Day Momentum

Easily find momentum stocks that will allow you to profit within a week timeframe. The End-of-day momentum strategy finds assets that are prime to move up in the next few trading sessions.

€28.49 monthly