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Market Outlook

BullGap offers technical analysis of the stock market with economic outlook using our proprietary algorithms and BullGap index.

    Is BullGap's Market Outlook right for you?

  • Are you trading on intuition and losing money?
  • Do you want to increase your portfolio by using a set of powerful trading strategies?
  • You have little to no time to research and build a highly tested and successful trading algorithm?
  • Receive timely signals as to when to buy and sell a stock or ETF?

Market Pulse is your one-stop barometer on the current market conditions

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Market Pulse

Whether you consider yourself an experience or novice investor, BullGap provides you with Market Pulse - a one-stop vantage point on what is happening within the market place.

Reading the current stock market action can be overwhelming and confusing.  With BullGap's Market Pulse, the market is presented to you by way of facts with supporting data using technical analysis, historical data, and our analytical models.  The major indices such as the S&P500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and small caps are analyzed and highlighted for you to review.

€9.49 monthly